Styling a Dresser

Dressers can serve many functions within our homes if we think outside the box. Since they offer a lot of storage, they are great to use in areas where you may need a little extra hidden space. I wanted to give you three ideas for styling a dresser in various parts of your home. Each of these uses items from our shop. 

Option 1: The Entry

Dressers are great in an entry way. The right one will offer storage for mail, shoes, purses, and other things that seem to always clutter near the door. I styled this one with a sweet statement sign, a live plant, a candle and some vintage books, and a basket for mail and keys. Functional and simple. 

Option 2: The Living Room

There are so many uses for a dresser in a living room. From a tv console to behind a couch, they offer storage for games, movies, books, toys...all of the things that are necessary for enjoying a house! I styled this one with a mirror for light, a vase and faux stems (these could be switched seasonally), and a basket with some favorite finds. This set up also works well for a dining space as a serving area. 

Option 3: The Bedroom

Dressers in bedrooms are often a zone for laundry and misplaced items, but they don't have to be! If decorated, I think it inspires us to keep our spaces a little more tidy, and we enjoy them more because of it! I styled this one with a pair of lamps, a tray, plant, bookends and some books. This look is really easy to work into any room in your home as well. 


Do you have a space that's cause a design challenge? Send us a message or come into the shop and we'll help you come up with a plan to make your home your happy place!


February 18, 2020 — Andrea Garrow
Tags: Design

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