Sitting Room Update

We have a little space with a fireplace that sits right next to our kitchen and dining area in our house. It has long been a design challenge for me. Its transformed from a play space, to a desk space, to an empty space, and finally to a cozy sitting space. Our house isn't very big, so our living room is also right by it, which meant that I wasn't sure if another sitting space was needed. I got some chairs from a neighbor who was moving and decided to test them out before committing to paying for something more.

We actually used and enjoyed the space, so when I came across some chairs that really fit our look a few months later, I knew it was time to go for it. The new chairs offer a lighter feel. I also moved in a cabinet that I've had to bring height to the taller wall. A new mirror on the mantle reflects light in the space, and a few simple mantle decorations finish the space. I'm loving the new look!

For fun, here's a look at before the new update, and our house listing photo from when we bought it. 

February 19, 2020 — Andrea Garrow
Tags: Design

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