Portland Summer Bucket List

School’s out for summer!!!! Now what?! Here’s a peek at our summer bucket list so you can plan your own adventures!

☐ Go berry picking!

This easily tops our list. What’s better than sunshine and fresh berries?! It’s hard for me to go anywhere other than Hoffman Farms. Not only is it a gorgeous farm, they offer a lot of berry varieties, and a large playground and tractor ride for kids — for FREE!

☐ Downtown Lake Oswego day

This is my happy place. If you want to make a whole day of it, here’s the route I always make:

Grab a drink and a treat at St. Honoré then make your way across A Avenue to the neighborhood known as First Addition. If you want, you can stop off at the Lake Oswego Fire Department (on the corner of 3rd and B) and they’ll give you a tour of the station and a little goody bag too. Free activities for the win! Continue on through the neighborhood for a ton of gorgeous home inspiration. If you’re like me, you’ll also take a ton of photos. Good walking areas of First Addition run from the A-F streets and between 6th and 10th. You can also make a stop at the Lake Oswego Public Library located at 706 4th Street. Once you’ve had a good walk, you’ve earned a trip to Salt and Straw’s newest location (off A Street) for a treat! It has a huge patio where you can enjoy one of their yummy flavors, or take a short walk over to Millennium Park (located right outside St. Honoré) for a view of the lake.

☐ Splash Pad around town

If you have little one’s, splash pads are where it’s at in the summer. We’ve been to enough to know that they aren’t all created equally! Here’s our favorites around town:

Sherwood: Cannery Square and Snyder Park.

Wilsonville: Memorial Park

McMinnville: Discovery Meadows Park

☐ Make a craft. There’s always some craft kit to be found on sale at your local store. If you need a good indoor activity (or paint outside!) this is one of my kids favorites. Michael’s has one of the better selections locally.

☐ Water balloon fight

☐ Host an ice cream party! It’s always good to get friends together, and what better than ice cream and toppings!

☐ A park a week tour:

Mix in a favorite park in each city each week for a summer adventure all around town!

Sherwood: Woodhaven Park

Wilsonville: Memorial Park

Tigard: King City Community Park and Summerlake City Park

Beaverton: Cooper Mountain Nature Park and Mountain View Champions Park

McMinnville: This full list allows you to search based on amenities you want. There are so many!

Portland: Westmoreland Nature Park and Jamison Square

Troutdale/Hood River: Imagination Station and Hood River Waterfront Park

☐ Movie in the park. Full Sherwood schedule here.

☐ Visit the Farmer’s Market. Lake Oswego and Wilsonville are great local markets.

☐ Washington Park Tour

There is so much to do in Washington Park. Visit the Oregon Zoo, Children’s Museum, Hoyt Arboretum, World Forestry Center and more. If you have the time, make a day of it and do the 4T trail-it takes you from Washington Park, all the way into Portland and back using the Train, Tram, Trolly and Trail (hence the name, 4T). The Explore Washington Park website has a ton of information on all of these things and more.

☐ Visit the beach! If you’re up for a day trip, Cannon Beach is my favorite coastal town. Its quaint streets and charming houses make me so happy. There are great restaurants and shops to explore before heading down to the beach. They have a large stream that connects into the ocean there, and I love to setup our blanket right by it. It allows the kids to play in the water without me worrying about the waves. Win win! There may also be an incentive to play hard on the beach with the kids to afford the extra calories that the cheesy garlic bread from Mo’s provides!

☐ Visit Handel’s Ice Cream. I’m a sucker for treats, and Handel’s is so good. All of their ice creams have homemade creaminess, and they have a TON of flavors. My go to’s are always Oree Dough and Snickerdoodle.


I’d love to hear your favorites! Share some more ideas in the comments below!

February 18, 2020 — Andrea Garrow

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