Easy Winter Pot Tutorial

With the rest of the house getting trimmed in Christmas cheer, this planter arrangement is a simple, impactful and beautiful addition to bring life to your dead winter pots! What I love about this DIY is that if your soil remains damp, they look fresh for Christmas and beyond!

Supplies (per pot):

White Snow or Glittered Branches (I used these in this example)

Fresh cut Cedar for draping

Fresh cut Fir or Cyprus for height

Faux Poinsettia Stems like these

Optional Supplies:

Timer lights like these mini led's are nice. The options that allow 6 hours on, 18 hours off are great for the front door!

Oversized ornaments (I used this type)


Step by Step:

1. Start by arranging your fir or cypress stems in your pot. These should stand up and be the height in your arrangement. I like to have some vertical, and some tilted a little to the side.

 2. Add your poinsettias. I like to arrange them with one on each side of the pot. Mix a few short clippings of fir or cypress in with them if desired. 

3. Add in your cedar clippings. The best use of these is to have them drape over the edge to add some movement to your pot. I like to do a few on each side. 

4. Separate your white snow branches (they generally come pretty compact). I like to integrate these with the fir or cypress layer to add some color and texture. Put these mid pot, and ideally with some greenery in front of and behind them so you can blend. Generally two in each pot look nice. 

5. Add your optional supplies. The oversized ornaments are fun for some added color, while the small led lights light up your fun new pots at night!

Have your own arrangement? Tag us on Instagram @joyfulseed so we can see!

Happy decorating!

December 11, 2020 — Andrea Garrow

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