Kelly’s is a family-owned, woman-run specialty food producer, based out of Oregon, that effortlessly blends tradition with a modern taste esthetic to deliver premium pepper jellies and sweet preserves.  wants Our award-winning jelly want to bring new flavor experiences to our customers. We also want to provide a sense of tradition with our sweet preserves, which are perfect for a classic PBJ . As with all our products we use clean and natural ingredients sourced from producers who represent the best of their local production.  

Our pepper jellies are never meant to burn your palette, but instead be the perfect complement to any food. We love that our products are so versatile, they can of course elevate any cheese plate, but also are fantastic on a sanwich, delicious as a marinade for meats and are even fantastic in desserts and cocktails that need a little extra kick. We want to add flavor and delight to everyday life

On our website you will find we offer a number of different Three-Packs, or you may build your own. All of our Three- Packs come with a custom box, a pairings chart and recipe as well as an optional gift card. We are so excited for you to try our products and can't wait to hear your thoughts, favorite flavors and how you use them.

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August 01, 2020 — Andrea Garrow